This page was exported from Braindump2go Updated Real Microsoft MCITP Exam Questions [ ] Export date:Mon Mar 30 22:56:02 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2017-New-Exams]Braindump2go 1Y0-240 Exam Dumps(PDF and VCE) 194Q for 100% Passing 1Y0-240 Exam[41-50] --------------------------------------------------- 2017 Oct New Citrix 1Y0-240 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new 1Y0-240 Questions:1.|2017 New 1Y0-240 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 194Q&As Download: 2.|2017 New 1Y0-240 Exam Questions & Answers Download: QUESTION 41A network engineer is troubleshooting a situation where ARP requests for IPs in other subnets (for example are appearing in the subnet. Which command could the engineer run on the NetScaler to verify IP to VLAN bindings?A. show ipB. netstat -rC. show arpD. show vlanAnswer: DQUESTION 42Scenario: A network engineer suspects that there is a duplex mismatch in the network configuration. The NSIP address is How can the administrator verify the configuration in this scenario?A. Run the 'netstat -r' command.B. Run the show IP command.C. Run the start nstrace -level 10 command.D. Check for the interface configuration in the GUI.Answer: DQUESTION 43Scenario: A user browses to a page and is presented with a warning that he is trying to enter a web site with an untrusted certificate. The network engineer had added the correct certificate to the SSL virtual server. What could be the cause of this issue?A. TLS is disabled on the virtual server.B. The certificate is not linked to the intermediate CAC. The certificate has expired and needs to be renewed.D. The CA certificate has not been added to the SSL virtual server.Answer: BQUESTION 44A network engineer is trying to read a nstrace from the NetScaler but can only see encrypted traffic. Which file(s) are required to decrypt the network trace?A. The server certificateB. The servers root certificateC. The private key for the server certificateD. The private key for the server root certificateAnswer: CQUESTION 45Scenario: A network engineer created an SSL virtual server and enabled smart card on it. The engineer tried browsing to the server and noticed the back-end system could NOT see the users certificates. What could be causing this issue?A. The SSL virtual server cannot forward a client certificate.B. The network engineer has not set smart card to mandatory.C. The SSL virtual server cannot use smart card authentication.D. The network engineer has not enabled SNI on the virtual server.E. The network engineer forgot to enable the SSL policy allowing smart card forwarding on the SSL virtual server.Answer: AQUESTION 46A network engineer might choose to use SSL_Bridge instead of a SSL virtual server in order to __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)A. be able to decrypt the SSL trafficB. enable use of OCSP for revoked certificatesC. pass user certificates to the back-end serversD. enable SSL server certificates on the service groupAnswer: CQUESTION 47Scenario: A network engineer has bound four policies to an HTTP virtual server as follows:PolicyA is bound with a priority of 10 and has the following expression: REQ.IP.SOURCEIP == is bound with a priority of 15 and has the following expression: REQ.IP.SOURCEIP != is bound with a priority of 20 and has the following expression: REQ.IP.SOURCEIP == is bound with a priority of 25 and has the following expression: REQ.IP.SOURCEIP != a connection is made from a PC with an IP address of, which policy will be applied?A. PolicyAB. PolicyBC. PolicyCD. PolicyDAnswer: BQUESTION 48Scenario: A network engineer has bound four policies to a virtual server as follows:PolicyA has a priority of 10PolicyB has a priority of 20PolicyC has a priority of 30PolicyD has a priority of 0Which policy will be evaluated first?A. PolicyAB. PolicyBC. PolicyCD. PolicyDAnswer: DQUESTION 49Scenario: An engineer has a NetScaler system with NSIP with subnet mask The company changed the IP network to use subnet mask Which two commands could the engineer run to modify the subnet mask of the NSIP? (Choose two.)A. ifconfigB. confignsC. set ns ipD. add ns ipAnswer: BCQUESTION 50Scenario: A network engineer is going to roll out an upgrade from a 9.x version on a standalone NetScaler appliance using the command-line interface. Which two items does the engineer need to download before proceeding with the upgrade? (Choose two.)A. SSL Certificates FilesB. NetScaler Firmware FileC. NetScaler Configuration fileD. 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