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Cisco Unified Communications Manager generates different types of alarms to indicate system- or process-related problems. “Code Yellow” is one of these alarms. Which of these system or process exceptions will trigger a Code Yellow alarm on Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. when a hard drive fails
B. when there is a memory leak
C. when the Cisco Unified Communications Manager application generates a core dump
D. when a database replication problem arises
E. when calls are throttled because of an unacceptably high delay in call handling

Answer: E

What will occur if a video bridge is not available during a video call setup on Cisco Unified Communications Manager using the Intelligent Bridge Selection feature?

A. The video call will fail, and the caller will receive a busy tone.
B. The video call will succeed, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager will use the default video image.
C. The video call will fail and will be forwarded to voice mail.
D. The video call will fall back to an audio-only call.
E. The video call will fail, and the caller will hear a message.

Answer: D

When a call is being established on a Cisco IOS MGCP gateway that is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which MGCP message is used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager to inform the gateway where to send RTP traffic?


Answer: A

A customer purchased 10,000 phone license units for a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. How many phone license unit overdrafts are permitted in this Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster?

A. 200
B. 500
C. 700
D. 1000
E. Phone license unit overdrafts are never permitted

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is troubleshooting failed calls a CUBE to five-server CUCM cluster.
Which option describes the root cause?

A. A request was sent to CUCM server that does not belong to Cisco Unified CM group
B. Progress indication was not received
C. A second dial peer for load balancing and redundancy was not available
D. Run on all active nodes option was not checked
E. Transcoding resource was not allocated

Answer: C

When implementing a Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution over an MPLS WAN, which two rules must be observed to prevent overrunning the priority queue? (Choose two.)

A. RSVP will transparently pass application IDs from the customer network across the MPLS WAN.
B. The media streams must be the same size in both directions.
C. Only the connection to the MPLS WAN where the Cisco Unified Communications Manager resides
must be enabled as a CE device.
D. The media has to be symmetrically routed.
E. If the CE is under corporate control, it may support either topology-aware or measurement-based CAC.

Answer: BD

An H.225 call setup arrives at Cisco Unified Communications Manager for a directory number on an IP phone that is engaged in an active conversation. If call waiting is disabled for this directory number and none of the Call Forward settings are defined, which H.225 disconnects reason code will be sent to the originating H.323 gateway?

A. No Route To Destination
B. Normal Call Clearing
C. Subscriber Absent
D. User Busy
E. Network Busy

Answer: D

Which function does Cisco CTI Manager provide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters?

A. Cisco CTI Manager and Cisco TSP provide TAPI applications with access to Cisco Unified
Communications Manager resources and functionality without being aware of specific Cisco
Unified Communications Manager systems.
B. When a Cisco Unified Communications Manager node fails, Cisco CTI Manager recovers the
affected JTAPI ports and route points.
C. Cisco CTI Manager and Cisco TSP provide both TAPI and JTAPI applications with access to
specific Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers in a cluster.
D. When a Cisco TAPI application fails, Cisco CTI Manager closes the provider while calls at JTAPI
ports and route points that have not yet been terminated get redirected to the Call Forward On
Failure number that has been configured for them.

Answer: A

Which two of these are valid modes of operation for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Assistant feature? (Choose two.)

A. forwarded line support
B. pickup line support
C. proxy line support
D. hybrid line support
E. shared line support
F. dual line support

Answer: CE

Which statement about using the Answer File Generator to load a Cisco Unified Communications virtual machine is true?

A. You must copy the output text to a file named platformConfig.txt.
B. Each host should be copied to its own configuration file.
C. The answer file can be used only when performing the new identity process to load the Cisco Unified Communications virtual machines.
D. The configuration file should be placed inside an ISO file and mounted on the virtual machine.

Answer: B

What is the maximum number of option 150 IP addresses that a Cisco IP SCCP phone will accept and use from a DHCP server?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Answer: B


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