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A client reports a laptop does not power on after a lightning storm. The technician diagnoses the problem as being a faulty motherboard. after replacing the motherboard and booting the laptop, the screen remains black, although the laptop displays an image on an external monitor. Which of the following would be the technician’s NEXT step?

A. Communicate the findings to the client and offer replacement options.
B. Explain how to use the laptop with an external monitor and offer to set it up.
C. Contact the sales department and provide a quote for a new motherboard.
D. Document the repair process and provide a detailed report to the client.

Answer: A

The general manager installed a popular archive utility. Antivirus software flagged the software because it was also exhibiting malicious behavior. This is an example of which of the following?

A. Rootkit
B. Trojan
C. Spyware
D. Worm

Answer: B

Which of the following provide the MOST security for PCs and mobile devices? (Choose two.)

A. Access control lists
B. Multifactor authentication
C. Organizational unit
D. Trusted software sources
E. Pre-shared key

Answer: D

A folder is displayed in green in the tree of the local hard drive. Which of the following would describe what type of folder this is?

A. Compressed
D. Hidden

Answer: C

A technician starts hard drive transfers in a SOHO that will take up to 16 hours to complete. Immediately after starting the transfers, the technician gets warning of a hurricane that will occur overnight. Which of the following is the BEST action to complete before leaving the office?

A. Turn off the monitors and printers so they do not overheat
B. Unplug the computers, but keep the hard drive transfer running
C. Call the power company to turn off any power coming to the office
D. Ensure the surge suppressors and devices are unplugged from the power sockets

Answer: D

A technician creates a GPO, tests it in a test environment, and deploys it company-wide. After deployment, the accounting department does not seem to be receiving the GPO. The technician suspects another GPO that was specifically deployed to the accounting department is overriding the newly deployed GPO. Which of the following command line tools should the technician use to verify this suspicion in this situation?

A. nbtstat
B. gpresult
C. nslookup
D. gpupdate
E. tasklist

Answer: B

A customer has just experienced a blue screen and the PC will not boot. A technician is dispatched to the customer’s site. Which of the following are the FIRST and LAST steps the technician should take? (Choose two.)

A. Test the theory to determine the cause
B. Document the findings
C. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement a solution
D. Identify the problem
E. Verify full system functionality and implement applicable preventive measures
F. Establish a theory of probable cause

Answer: BD

A user purchases a new Android smartphone. After downloading an application from a third-party app store, the user consults a technician about additional applications that have installed automatically. Which of the following BEST explains what has happened?

A. Unauthorized location tracking
B. Unauthorized camera activation
C. Unauthorized account access
D. Unauthorized root access

Answer: D

A user’s smartphone is getting a very weak signal from the service provider. One day the user notices the phone has full bars and the signal strength has inexplicably increased. Which of the following tools should be used to verify the user is connecting to a legitimate signal from the phone service provider?

A. WiFi analyzer
B. Cell tower analyzer
C. Spectrum analyzer
D. Packet analyzer

Answer: B

A technician is troubleshooting a PC that has been running slow. The technician looks at the resource utilization and notices the user has many programs open. When attempting to open another program, the technician receives a message indicating there are insufficient resources. Which of the following should the technician do to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Terminate the running processes
B. Increase the page file size
C. Renew the network connection
D. Run chkdsk

Answer: A

A company has a web application that is in the cloud on a multi-tenant server. The web application is connected to a database that is also in the cloud.
Which of the following cloud computing concepts does this describe?

A. IaaS
B. PaaS
C. SaaS
D. DaaS

Answer: B


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