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A customer has two ASAs configured in high availability and is experiencing connection drops that require re-establishment each time failover occurs.
Which type of failover has been implemented?

A. Stateless
B. routed
C. trans parent
D. stateful

Answer: D

In a new DMVPN deployment, phase 1 completes successfully. However, phase2 experiences issues. Which troubleshooting step is valid in this situation?

A. Temporarily remove encryption to check if the GRE tunnel is working.
B. Verify IP routing between the external IPs of the two peers is correct.
C. Remove NHRP configuration and reset the tunnels.
D. Ensure that the nodes use the same authentication method.

Answer: A

An engineer is configuring clientless SSL VPN. The finance department has a database server that only they should access, but the sales department can currently access it. The finance and the sales departments are configured as separate group-policies. Which option must be added to the configuration to make sure the users in the sales department cannot access the finance department server?

A. Web type ACL
B. Port forwarding
C. Tunnel group lock
D. VPN filter ACL

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit. All internal clients behind the ASA are port address translated to the public outside interface, which has an IP address of Client 1 and Client 2 have established successful SSL VPN connections to the ASA. However, when either client performs a browser search on their IP address, it shows up as

Why is the happening when both clients have a direct connection to the local internet service provider?

A. Same-security-traffic permit inter-interface has not been configured.
B. Tunnel All Networks is configured under Group Policy.
C. Exclude Network List Below is configured under Group Policy.
D. Tunnel Network List Below is configured under Group Policy.

Answer: B

Refer to the Exhibit. Users at each end of this VPN tunnel cannot communicate with each other. Which cause of this behavior is true?

A. The Diffie-Hellman groups configured are different
B. The pre shared key does not match.
C. Phase 1 is not completed and troubleshooting is required.
D. The issue occurs in phase 2 of the tunnel.

Answer: C

An engineer is defining ECC variables and has set the input_mode set to B. Which statement is true?

A. DTMF voice is accepted
B. Get Digits are written to the CED
C. Mixed mode input is not accepted
D. An ASR is not being used

Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit. An engineer must implement DMVPN phase 2 and two conclusions can be made from the configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Spoke-to-spoke communication is allowed.
B. Next-hop-self is required.
C. EIGRP neighbor adjacency will fail.
D. EIGRP route redistribution is not allowed
E. EIGRP used as the dynamic routing protocol.

Answer: AE

An engineer wants to ensure that Diffie-Helman keys are re-generated upon a pahse-2 rekey. What option can be configured to allow this?

A. Aggressive mode
B. Dead-peer detection
C. Main mode
D. Perfect-forward secrecy

Answer: D

Which two options are features of Cisco GET VPN? (Choose two.)

A. Allows for optimal routing
B. provides point to point IPsec SA
C. Provides encryption for MPLS
D. uses public Internet
E. uses MORE

Answer: AC

Refer to the Exhibit. Which statement about this output is true?

A. Identity between endpoints is verified using a certificate authority
B. The tunnel is not functional because NAT-T is not configured.
C. This router has sent the first packet to establish the Flex VPN tunnel
D. The remote device encrypts IKEv2 packets using key “282FE”0B3B5C99A2B”.

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit. A network security engineer is troubleshooting intermittent connectivity issues across a tunnel. Based on the output from the show crypto ipsec sa command, which cause is most likely?

A. ISAKMP and/or IP sec may be bouncing up and down.
B. The security association lifetimes are set to default values.
C. Return traffic is not coming back from the other end of the tunnel.
D. Traffic may flow in only one direction across this tunnel.

Answer: B


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