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A company recently implemented a cloud infrastructure. Now their customers are receiving unsolicited advertisements from third-party vendors. Which of the following did the company neglect to consider before implementing the cloud?

A. Privacy risks
B. Local compliance policies
C. Cost of the implementation
D. Legal standards

Answer: A

Managing the proper delivery of resources to a cloud datacenter requires which of the following ITIL processes?

A. Supplier management
B. Incident management
C. Capacity management
D. Change management

Answer: D

A company wants to migrate their website infrastructure due to concerns around hardware becoming “end of life”. The website is underutilized and servers a low volume of content to an infrequent user base. Which of the following would be the BEST option for this organization?

A. It is more straightforward to continue utilizing internally hosted servers.
B. Cloud deployments are generally a cheaper option for this type of site.
C. It is more reliable to utilize the cloud because of more advanced IT processes.
D. Cloud computing cannot be used when a company already has IT processes in place.

Answer: B

An insurance company is placing a business process into a SaaS cloud environment. The company does not want to replicate all user identities. Which of the following methods should be implemented?

A. Self-service
B. Standardization
C. Federation
D. Automation

Answer: C

When there is a higher demand for a company’s product, which of the following is a cloud characteristic that allows the company to manually provision additional servers, through a shopping cart?

A. Automation
B. Self-service
C. Scalability
D. Rapid elasticity

Answer: C
One is the concept of elasticity (which is a similar idea to scalability): a cloud service or application isn’t limited to what a particular server can cope with; it can automatically expand or contract its capacity as needed.

An XaaS cloud platform offers which of the following that can be beneficial to a business organization in terms of cost?

A. The distributed identity of a database pool can lend added security to their stored information.
B. The ability to add flexibility to licensing options helps add to the ease of system implementation and use.
C. The initial capital expenditures are greatly reduced and additional costs are controlled in variation.
D. The number of virtual network components in several configurations can be varied and unlimited.

Answer: D

A retail company has decided to move its inventory software to the cloud. The company is concerned about maintaining PCI compliance for credit card data and does not want to have this data compromised. Which of the following can the company do to BEST help mitigate security concerns? (Select TWO).

A. Work with the cloud vendor to encrypt data
B. Manually enter credit card numbers into the software
C. Recycle all paperwork containing full credit card numbers
D. Perform regular onsite backups of the data
E. Perform quarterly audits with a third party

Answer: BD

Which of the following cloud service models can an organization use to provision on demand custom-built servers to run in-house developed applications?

A. BPaaS
B. PaaS
C. IaaS
D. SaaS

Answer: C

A Chief Information Officer would implement which of the following types of cloud systems to allow for rapid bursting of development and/or deployment systems?

A. Hybrid cloud
B. Public cloud
C. Private cloud
D. Community cloud

Answer: A

In the Service Strategy model when considering a cloud solution, which of the following BEST demonstrates the Analyze phase?

A. Service Portfolio Authorization
B. Communication Resource Allocation
C. Value Proposition Prioritization
D. Inventories Business Case

Answer: D

In order to maintain business continuity, using a single cloud provider is:

A. better from a business perspective.
B. better from a contracting standpoint.
C. a best practice from a security perspective.
D. not a good practice from a business perspective.

Answer: D


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