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ACME Agricultural requires that access to all network devices is granted based on identify validation, and an authentication server was installed for this purpose. Currently the network team uses a list of passwords based on regions to access the internal corporate network devices. Which protocol do you recommend to ensure identify validation from the authentication server to the corporate directory?


Answer: D

A large enterprise network has two data centers and a WLAN edge with a large hub-and spoke network. The complete network is configured as a single OSPF area, and spoke routers are connected to unreliable WAN links. Which two changes should you make to deploy LSA on the spoke routers? (Choose two)

A. Place spoke routers in stub areas
B. Make the hub routers ABR
C. Make the hub routers ASBR
D. Place spoke routers in totally stubby areas
E. Keep the spoke routers in normal areas

Answer: BD

A customer has a DMVPN network with EIGRP as the overlay protocol. EIGRP timers cannot be shortened, yet the customer requires the detection of lost connectivity between neighbors in less than three seconds. Which action achieves this requirement?

A. Adjust the GRE keepalive timers
B. Enable BFD
C. Deploy IPsec dead peer detection
D. Adjust the NHRP timers.

Answer: B

When designing a network .Which method can be used to control the exit point for traffic an autonomous system, at the layer 3 control plane?

A. Prepending AS path.
B. Tuning the multi-exit discriminator.
C. Setting the site of Origin extended community.
D. Tuning the metric of the under-tying IGP.

Answer: D

Why is a redundant PIM stub router topology a bad network design decision?

A. Multicast convergence takes long
B. Multicast traffic duplication will occur
C. It interferes with IGMP snooping
D. It interfaces with PIM snooping

Answer: B

A switched network is being designed to support a manufacturing factory. Due to cost constraints, fiber-based connectivity is not an option. Which design allows for a stable network when there is a risk of interference from the manufacturing hardware in use on the factory floor?

A. Design the network to include UDLD to detect unidirectional links and take them out of service.
B. Design the network to include Ether Channel bundles to prevent a single-link failure from taking down a switch interconnection point.
C. Design the network to include loop guard to prevent a loop in the switched network when a link has too much interference.
D. Design the network to include Backbone Fast on all devices to accelerate failure convergence times.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The company xyz has 150 branch location across the U.S. Each branch is connected to two aggregation router one router in each data center The network is configured with Multiple OSPF with multiple OSPF areas and the aggregation router are ABRs A requirement is to keep an optimal path to the data centers and at the same time reduce the LSA propagation and SPF recomputation during a change in any part of the network.
Which design elements should be included on the aggregation router?

B. distribute lists
C. OSPF summarization
D. OSPF totally stubby area

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. You must review this single OSPF area, DMVPN network because the company has noticed a few area 0 convergence and stability issues. Also, traffic destined to the data center from one of the spokes as the next hop on the path. The company prefers that all traffic destined to the data center uses the least amount of hops. Which solution resolves these issues with the minimum amount of changes on the network?

A. Migrate from OSPF to static routes between the hub routers and the spoke routers and deploy IP SLA for route health checks
B. Migrate from OSPF to EIGRP between the hub routers and the spoke routers
C. Modify OSPF cost metrics on all backup links
D. Create areas between each hub and their spoke routers, to ensure that the hub routers become DRs

Answer: C

You are designing a new multisite data center network within the same city. You are using the newest routers that run OSPF and DWDM point-to-point interfaces for site-to-site connectivity. Your primary objective is to use the fastest possible method for interface failure detection. Which method achieves this objective?

B. Interface event dampening
C. LoS/AIS event faults
D. Fast-hello timers

Answer: C

Which two options are design considerations when introducing FCoE into an existing network? (Choose two)

A. The FCoE QoS markings may overlap with call signaling QoS markings
B. Optical cabling is needed to transmit FCoE traffic between a server and its directly connected Ethernet switch
C. The existing network must support a MTU of 3280 bytes
D. Twinaxial cabling can be used to transmit FCoE traffic between a server and its directly connected Ethernet switch, if it is less than 10 meters
E. All the servers in the data center must be retrofitted with converged Network Adapters

Answer: AE

A service provider is designing a new backbone based on an IGP and MPLS what are two valid reasons for implementing MPLS-TE as well? (Choose two)

A. MPLS-TE is required to reroute traffic within less than 1 second in case of a link failure inside the backbone
B. MPLS-TE can detect and react to neighbor failures faster than IGPs can
C. MPLS-TE is required to route different MPLS QoS Service classes through different paths
D. MPLS-TE is required to create backup paths independently from the IGP
E. MPLS-TE is a prerequisite for implementing RSVP in the backbone

Answer: CD


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