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Which task should you complete when conducting a needs analysis?

A.    conduct a site survey
B.    design the hardware solution
C.    identify key decision makers
D.    identify the customer’s business goals

Answer: D

A customer needs to manage their contract, warranty, and HP Care Pack information for their server and storage infrastructure from a single location. In addition, they need proactive expiration notifications for these contracts. Which HP software or tool should you recommend?

A.    HP Insight Online
B.    HP System Management Homepage
C.    HP Helion Community Edition
D.    HP STaTS

Answer: A

Which statement describes what Datacenter Care services provide?

A.    advanced power management monitoring and support
B.    collaborative call management assistance only for x86 solutions
C.    IT professionals with high quality technical education services
D.    a mix of enhanced call management, proactive services, and hardware/software assistance

Answer: D

A customer has recently acquired company with a large install base of HP BladeSystem servers with Virtual Connect managed by HP OneView. Which solution should you recommend to the customer to enable them to easily record their new assets in their configuration management database (CMDB)?

A.    Use iLO Federation groups and select the multi-system view to gather the hardware types and serial numbers of each server in the group for import into the CMDB.
B.    Backup the HP OneView appliance database and use the bulk copy capability of CMDB to insert the records.
C.    Use the REST API to retrieve a list of servers resources and their properties from the HP OneView appliance for import into the CMDB.
D.    Use VCEM to create a customized report to find all blade servers and use the results for import into the CMDB.

Answer: C

Which market trend is driving the growth of Virtual Desktop infrastructure?

A.    converged networks
B.    social engineering
C.    workforce mobility
D.    cloud computing

Answer: C

A customer has upgraded their network core using an HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) stack. The customer needs to reduce their network and FC storage cabling as well as increase the resilience of these networks to the servers. The customer needs failure of an upstream switch or uplink to be communicated all the way to the server operating system or hypervisor, and the traffic will be sent through the other NIC in the team. You propose blade servers to meet these requirements. Which product should you demonstrate to the customer?

A.    HP 6125XG Blade Switch in an Active/Passive configuration
B.    HP VC FlexFabric in an Active/Passive configuration
C.    HP 6125 Blade Switch in an Active/Active configuration
D.    HP VC FlexFabric in an Active/Active configuration

Answer: D

An enterprise customer needs more computing power to handle their scale-up workloads that involve very large databases. The customer needs to upgrade their ProLiant DL360 G6 servers. Which ProLiant rack and tower servers should you recommend for this customer?

A.    ProLiant 10 series
B.    ProLiant 100 series
C.    ProLiant 300 series
D.    ProLiant 500 series

Answer: D

You are performing a needs analysis for a customer who plans to transition from rack mount servers to blade servers. The customer has asked for an on-premise management strategy and needs to use Virtual Connect as the network interconnect to take advantage of network virtualization. The customer needs a RESTful API to be made available. Which product should you demonstrate to support and manage the proposed HP BladeSystem solution?

A.    HP OneView
B.    HP Systems Insight Manager
C.    HP Virtual Connect Manager
D.    HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

Answer: A

You are designing a solution that will consist of eight HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect FlexFabric. The customer needs to ensure that all management is performed from a single user interface that will allow them to maintain and manage all uplink configurations centrally.
How can you demonstrate management of uplinks on all enclosures from a single console?

A.    Deploy and use Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager.
B.    Deploy and use both HP OneView and Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager.
C.    Configure and use Virtual Connect Manager.
D.    Deploy and use HP OneView.

Answer: D

An automotive manufacturing company needs an Apollo 8000 solution that is environmentally friendly. Which feature should you recommend to this customer?

A.    Thermal Logic technology to minimize power consumption and reduce cooling
B.    Active cool 200 fans that reduce power and maximize air movement
C.    Water cooled system that reduces C02 emissions relative to an air cooled system
D.    3D Sea of Sensors to provide visibility and control over energy consumption

Answer: C


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