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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB2-700
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Applications

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A company uses a multitenant deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. When you schedule a service activity, the scheduler offers appointments at unexpected times.
You discover that the times correspond to the wrong time zone.
You need to set the time zone so that service activity appointments are offered at the correct times, without impacting other organizations.
Where should you set the time zone?

A.    in the facility settings
B.    in the facility work hours settings
C.    on the General tab of the Personal Options dialog box
D.    in the Date and Time settings of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server

Answer: B

You are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to schedule services.
You need to distribute the work evenly across your resources.
Which resource allocation should you use?

A.    Even
B.    Random
C.    Least Busy
D.    Most Busy

Answer: C

You review an Opportunity record. Opportunities are configured to use system-calculated pricing. What happens when you click the Recalculate Opportunity button?

A.    Current product line item totals are recalculated, and the Est. Revenue field is updated.
B.    All pending opportunities for the customer are recalculated and saved to the Est. Revenue field.
C.    The Budget Amount field replaces the Est. Revenue field.
D.    All active quotes that are associated with the opportunity are added to the Est. Revenue field.

Answer: A

Which entity is best described as an estimate or proposal that is presented to a customer?

A.    Quote
B.    Opportunity
C.    Invoice
D.    Order

Answer: A

You delete a Lead record.
By default, what happens to records that are related to the Lead record?

A.    All related activities, posts, and notes are disabled.
B.    All related records are deleted.
C.    All related activities, posts, and notes are deleted.
D.    All related records remain unaffected.

Answer: C

Where can a user locate a list of recently updated records?

A.    the My Activities view
B.    the sales dashboard
C.    the What’s New view
D.    rollup queries

Answer: C

Which two Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities are enabled for queue routing by default?(Choose TWO)

A.    Case
B.    Contact
C.    Activity
D.    Lead
E.    Account

Answer: AC

A company has resellers who purchase routine support cases at no cost.
A reseller plans to purchase additional support cases at a cost.
What should you create?

A.    An incident-based template
B.    A time-based template
C.    A contract template
D.    A contract allotment

Answer: A

You are creating a contract from a Contract template.
Which three items are valid allocation units?(Choose Three)

A.    Coverage dates
B.    Service level agreement
C.    Time
D.    Code
E.    Number of cases
F.    Region

Answer: ABE

How should you add an item to a queue?

A.    Route an item to a queue by using a workflow process.
B.    Enable a queue for a user.
C.    Enable an entity type for queues.
D.    Navigate to a queue and select the New Record button.

Answer: B

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