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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB3-700
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Installation & Configuration

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You have three Microsoft Word templates for the SOP Blank Invoice Form as described:
Template A is assigned as the default
Template B is assigned to Customer Class A
Template C is assigned to Customer 1
Customer 2 belongs to Customer Class B.
Which template will be used to print an invoice for Customer 2?

A.    Template B
B.    Template C
C.    Template A
D.    Standard GP Report

Answer: A

Which file format can be used to automatically send standard Report Writer reports by using email?

A.    XPS
B.    PDF
C.    HTML
D.    DOCX

Answer: C

You are installing Microsoft Dynamics GP on a new workstation.
You need to create an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Which two options should you configure? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    Clear the Use ANSI quoted identifiers check box.
B.    Select the Use strong encryption for data check box.
C.    Clear the Use ANSI nulls, paddings and warnings check box.
D.    Select the Use regional settings when outputting currency, numbers, dates and times check box.

Answer: AC
Uncheck Use ANSI quoted identifiers and uncheck Use ANSI nulls, paddings and warnings.
Create a New Data Source to SQL Server

You create a software update by using the Automatic Updates feature.
What type of delivery file is supported?

A.    .zip file
B.    .exe file
C.    .cnk file
D.    .msp file

Answer: C

What is the minimum version of Windows Internet Explorer that is compatible with the Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop client?

A.    Internet Explorer 7.0
B.    Internet Explorer 8.0
C.    Internet Explorer 9.0
D.    Internet Explorer 10.0

Answer: B

You need to ensure that no other users can access Microsoft Dynamics GP while you perform the Check Links process. What should you do?

A.    Set the Database Read-Only property for the database to FALSE.
B.    Set the Restrict Access property for the database to SINGLE_USER.
C.    Set the Restrict Access property for the database to RESTRICTED_USER.
D.    Set the Database Read-Only property for the database to TRUE.

Answer: B

You configure database options to resolve connectivity issues with the database.
Which two settings should be set to False? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Auto Shrink
B.    Auto Close
C.    Auto Create Statistics
D.    Auto Update Statistics

Answer: AB
* Step 1: Verify that the SQL database options AutoClose and AutoShrink are set to FALSE.
Copy the following script to the New Query 1 window:
* Step 2: Verify that the ODBC System DSN data source connection on each computer tests successfully for connectivity with the SQL Server holding the Dynamics GP or the Great Plains databases

Which method can be used to restrict data removed by the Clear Data utility?

A.    Display Window Name
B.    SQL Statement with a WHERE clause
C.    Date Range
D.    Logical Table Group

Answer: D

You need to ensure that the database for Microsoft Dynamics GP can be restored to a specific point in time. Which recovery model should you specify?

A.    Full
B.    Simple
C.    Bulk-Logged
D.    Transaction Log

Answer: A

Which two actions can you use to repair or reconstruct damaged Microsoft Dynamics GP data? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Use the Check Links process in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
B.    Run a Reconcile process in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
C.    Run the DBCC CHECKDB command in SQL Server.
D.    Use the SQL Database Maintenance window in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Answer: AB
A: Checking links examines tables, checking corresponding information in related tables and, if possible, changing the damaged data to match the corresponding data in an undamaged table. If you were alerted to damage by an alert message indicating damage to a specific table, the name of the table won’t be listed in the Check Links window. Any user can run check links.
B: You should reconcile your data if checking links doesn’t resolve the problem. Reconciling compares corresponding data in different table groups and removes any lone, or "orphan," records. For example, a report option that was created for a report that no longer exists is an orphan record, and would be removed. Reconciling also checks to be sure that corresponding or identical information stored in two different tables is the same, and if there are discrepancies, changes the information in the table you’re reconciling to match the information in the table it’s being compared with.

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