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A customer has a BladeSystem c 7000 enclosure that is partially populated with HP server blades. The customer needs to add servers that have a maximum number of cores per blade server slot.
Which server blade should you recommend?

A.    HP ProLiant BL465c Gen8
B.    HP ProLiant BL420c Gen8
C.    HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8
D.    HP ProLiant BL660c Gen8

Answer: A

You have positioned a BladeSystem c7000 solution with Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D modules. The customer needs to understand how the Flex-10/10D modules will provide an FCoE path to their SAN. Which HP technology should you explain to the customer?

A.    RDMA over Converged Ethernet
B.    FIP snooping
C.    Intelligent Resilient Framework
D.    FlexibleLOMs

Answer: B

A customer needs the health status of their HP ProLiant Gen8 BladeSystem servers to be reported to HP to allow automatic hardware warranty replacement. The customer does not plan to install additional software and does not have IT staff to support an additional solution.
Which HP solution they implement?

A.    Insight Remote Support central connect
B.    Insight Online with Insight Remote Support
C.    Insight Remote Support through the Insight Online portal
D.    Insight Online direct connect

Answer: D

You are designing a VMware virtualization solution for a customer.
When planning the VM oversubscription ratio, which attribute that can most affect the VM ware licensing requirement should you take into consideration?

A.    networking requirement per VM
B.    memory requirement per VM
C.    I/O per VM
D.    processor requirement per VM

Answer: B

What is purpose of conducting a customer site survey?

A.    Identify the types of servers that will be included in the solution.
B.    Identify the customer’s business goals for the solution.
C.    Determine the different workloads the customer is running.
D.    Assess the facility and its suitability for the proposed solution.

Answer: D

A customer needs to manage the relationship between their physical and virtual infrastructure. Which HP feature should you recommend to integrate with customer’s current vSphere Web Client managed environment?

A.    HP Insight Control
B.    HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
C.    HP Virtual Machine Manager
D.    HP OneView for vCenter

Answer: D

A customer needs to improve VM host efficiency and lower network latency in their HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 servers. Which unique technology built-in to the HP FlexFabric 556 network adapter will meet the customer’s requirement?

A.    10 Gb Ethernet support
B.    TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE)
C.    RDMA over Converged Ethernet (ROCE)
D.    IPv6 protocol support

Answer: C

You are describing the HP Smart Array controllers for ProLiant Gen9servers to your customer. The customer asks how the controllers are managed.
Which HP tool should you discuss with the customer?

A.    HP Insight Online
B.    HP Onboard Administrator
C.    HP Smart Storage Administrator
D.    HP Array Configuration Utility

Answer: C

A customer needs to encrypt local drives on their HP Proliant Gen8 and Gen9 servers.
The customer needs to manage the encryption centrally.
Which HP products and features should you recommend to meet the customer’s needs?

A.    HP Smart Array Px1x and Px2x family of controllers, the Trusted Platform Module, and iLO Advanced
B.    HP Smart Array Px3x and Px4x family of controllers, the HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager, and iLO Advanced
C.    HP Smart Array Px1x and Px2x family of controllers, the HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager, and iLO Select
D.    HP Smart Array Px3x and Px4x family of controllers, the Trusted Platform Module, and iLO Select

Answer: B

A customer needs a hardware refresh of their G6 servers and is considering the Gen9 platform. What is an advantage of Virtual Media in a Gen9 compared to the G6 platform?

A.    USB 3.0
B.    USB 2.0
C.    Mounting multiple drives simultaneously
D.    Mounting zip files

Answer: A


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