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How do endpoints inside an SD-Access network reach resources outside the fabric?

A. a VRF fusion router is used to map resources in one VN to another VN
B. Fabric borders use VRFs to map VNs to VRFs
C. SD-Access transit links are used to transport encapsulated traffic from one fabric to another
D. A fabric edge is used to de-encapsulate VXLAN traffic to normal IP traffic then transported over the outside network

Answer: B
Fabric border routers handle the ingress & egress traffic for the SD-Access fabric, they are responsible for translating the policy, VRF & SGT information between the SD-Access fabric and the external networks.

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New Question
Which routes does the overlay management protocol advertise in an SD-WAN overlay?

A.    underlay, MPLS, and overlay
B.    primary, backup, and load-balanced
C.    prefix, TLOC, and service
D.    Internet, MPLS, and backup

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